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  • Get in “Ultimate” MMA Shape? – Years ago, I watched UFC VII, which led me to buying Ken Shamrock’s “Inside the Lion’s Den” book.  That book would send me down a path to find the “ultimate” MMA workout for power, strength, cardio, & the fighter’s physique.
  • 3 Reasons Why My Circuits Win Fights – Learn the 3 big reasons why my circuits have helped amateur MMAists, former “Ultimate Fighter” competitors, & a pro kickboxer win fights…and championships.
  • Keep Your “Guard” Up – I first started rolling BJJ back in college.  While my conditioning usually canceleld out the technique of the Royce Gracie BJJ blue belt I rolled with, I learned the valuable lesson of keeping my “guard” up – in all areas.
  • RANT: T-Nation, The Marines, & Girls Doing Pullups - Learn what I think of the USMC not requiring females to do pullups, why I don’t care how many pullups you can do, & how an article I had published at T-Nation explains the whole thing.
  • “Instant Muscle”? (A Lesson From Floyd Mayweather, Jr) - Learn why I recently told a kid that just started training MMA to ditch the supplements and to instead channel his inner Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
  • Get “Fit” to “Fight” – Find out what happens when Wiggy puts a cocky 16-year old football player through an impromptu wrestling workout in the middle of a parking lot…
  • Look Like an Action Hero! – All the fitness magazine feature the new superhero movies’ actors’ workouts.  But do you just want to LOOK like an action hero, or do you want to BE an action hero?
  • It’s a “Killer MMA Workout”! - Too many times guys automatically think that a “hard” workout = a “good” workout.  Find out why this is usually wrong – especially for MMA.
  • Take the “Alpha Male” Challenge – Almost every dude wants to be an “Alpha Male”.  But are you actually BECOMING one, or just trying to “trick” your way into it?
  • “Try This Circuit” - I recently invited a strong – but very overweight – cop to train with me during one of my circuit workouts.  He’s way stronger than me, but after 3 rounds I was still going hard, while all he could do was suck wind and cuss at me.  
  • Get Your Best Body Ever? - So there’s a wannabe pretty boy, a redneck, and Wiggy at a picnic – no, it’s not a bad joke…
  • It Actually Made Her Ass BIGGER… – A female friend of mine recently spent some time at a popular fitness franchise.  The one with the “Games” on TV.  After a month, all she had was less definition in her arms and a bigger ass.
  • Tito Ortiz, Mark Coleman, & BJ Penn? - Learn what UFC legends (and champions) Tito Ortiz, Mark Coleman, and BJ Penn have in common.  HINT – it’s the reason why they all lost big fights.
  • Get Back in Shape – Patrick has lost 100+ pounds, but he still feels lousy all the time.  Find out why Patrick needs to still “get in shape” and how you should do the same.
  • Spending 4 Hours in the Gym? – Discover why there is no one optimal length for your workout, and why a “regular guy’s” workout has to be harder than a competitive MMA fighter.
  • Being Stronger is Like Having More Money… – One of my best friends – and top strength coach – recently compared being stronger to having more money.  Find out what he meant…and why Overhead Pressing more weight means running a faster mile.
  • Why I Work Out - Most people work out to get stronger, faster, have better cardio, & look better – all for themselves.  While I want all these things as well, I do it mainly for others.
  • “Blade” (the Movie) & MMA Workout Videos – Learn how watching a clownshoe MMA workout video online made me feel the movie character “Blade”.
  • Get Strong AND Ripped? - Discover why I got a bunch of hate mail for telling the truth about being strong…that while being strong can be awesome, it’s totally useless if it fades as soon as you get tired.
  • Customize Your OWN Workout Program - A specific workout schedule can sometimes be tough to stick to – especially when “life” gets in the way.  That’s why I don’t do workouts that way anymore.  Learn what I do instead…
  • More Muscle & Less Fat? – I recently got the chance to turn a Tough Mudder competitor onto circuit training as he came back to the gym after dealing with the flu.  This is his story.
  • Why Do You Work Out? – Do your workouts do this one thing?  A buddy posting a video to my Facebook made some of us examine why we do what we do in the gym…and exactly why it benefits us.
  • Were You a Dorian Yates Fan? - Dominating bodybuilding in the ’90s, Dorian Yates always labeled himself as an “HIT” lifter.  But good as he was, he didn’t really do HIT.  Trainers do the same thing when they write workouts that are supposed to be good for MMA – but really aren’t.
  • Add 25 Pounds to Your Bench Press – Learn why one of the most important things your MMA workout can do is get you stronger, but why I also don’t care how much you can Bench (or Squat, or Deadlift, or anything else).

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