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Upgrade to the Championship Edition 2.0 Deluxe and Get Bonuses Too Irresistible to Pass Up!

As good as anything is 'out-of-the-box', sometimes it just needs a little personal touch...especially with mixed martial arts training workout programs. Sometimes you need that little bit of customization to make it all your own, right? No two people become elite at anything by doing the same thing.

After all, nobody ever made it to the UFC by just "showing up", right?

Well, that's where "Championship Edition 2.0 - The Background" comes in!

"Championship Edition 2.0 - The Background" is a COMPLETE SEPARATE BOOK where you really learn what's what, and you get the "inside scoop" on how to put together your own workouts. You'll learn not only "what" to do and "when", but now you start down the path of true understanding by learning the "how" and "why". This is where you learn you "how to fish"...and can CUSTOMIZE your workout program to your own specific MMA training needs.

Let's take a look at just a little bit of what you'll learn:

  • how not having a specific "schedule" is better for your MMA workouts
  • how and when "traditional" workouts need to be altered to get you in fighting shape
  • sample outlines of overall workout programs from 8 weeks to 16+ weeks
  • how to design MMA workouts specific to each phase (hint - the conjugate method is just the start!)
  • how to eliminate a phase if necessary - and which one
  • the theory behind "Power Complexes", 50+ samples, and how to design your own
  • why it can be better to be doing weighted bodyweight exercises instead of "traditional" strength training exercises
  • what to do when your workouts get"easy" (this means you're in better shape!)
  • what benchmarks to use to measure yourself and monitor your progress - and how to use them to design your workouts
  • when you should be training hard every week, and when you should be taking taking time off
  • And much, much more!!

But here's the thing..."Championship Edition 2.0 - The Background" isn't all you'll get! I want to make sure you have NO POSSIBLE WAY TO FAIL, so you'll also get these bonuses to virtually ENSURE SUCCESS:

  • Bonus #1 - "Championship Edition 2.0 - The Background": Nearly 50 pages of pure, fluff-free content on how to design your own MMA workout programs and more! I keep getting told I should be selling this book all by itself...and I just might in the future. But for now, you can get it as a part of this awesome deal!
  • Bonus #2 - Video Resources: Get videos of every single exercise used in every single workout. Not sure how to perform an exercise? Just click the link!
  • Bonus #3 - "Overtraining? (No...You're Probably Not)": Overtraining is one of the biggest buzzwords in the fitness & martial arts worlds today. Everybody and their brother wants you to believe you're overtraining. This report will teach you why that's all a bunch of bogus hogwash, and why you're probably not overtraining (as well as the quickest & easiest way to avoid it).
  • Bonus #4 -Program Overview: Sometimes it's helpful to have just the basics right there at your fingertips. In this special file, you'll get all four phases' workouts listed out right there for easy reference.
  • Bonus #5 - Printable Workout Logs: One of the biggest mistakes most trainees make is not keeping any sort of training log. After all, how do you go back and analyze your training if you don't keep any sort of logs? Well, I've done all the work for you! Every single workout of all four phases has its own specific workout log, complete with exercises, sets, reps, and more. Just print it out and fill in the blanks!

"Yes, Wiggy - I want to order 'Championship Edition 2.0 Deluxe' right now! I know I'll be getting everything that comes with 'Championship Edition 2.0' AND 'Championship Edition 2.0 - The Background' ebook AND the Video Resources AND the special 'Overtraining? (No...You're Probably Not)' report AND the easy-reference Program Overview AND the Printable Workout Logs! I get all this for just $39!!"

"No thanks, Wiggy - I just want 'Championship Edition 2.0' for $27."

(After your transaction is complete, be sure to click on the "Return to Merchant" button in order to get your downloads!)

***REMEMBER - if you ever ordered the 'Championship Edition' (original version) in the past, be sure to email me with your ordering email addy & rough time of purchase (for order verification), as you can get 'Championship Edition 2.0 Deluxe' for FREE***

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