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"Let Me Show You the Last Navy SEAL Workout You'll Ever Need"

Bodyweight Workouts SHOULDN'T Be Just a Ton of Push-Ups - Mastering Your Bodyweight with Calisthenics, on a Barbell, and in a Sandbag Will Give You That Strength, Power, Conditioning, Work Capacity, and Athleticism to Make BUD/s (or Anything Else) Seem EASY...

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Navy SEAL. Army Ranger. Marine RECON. Air Force Pararescue. Thoughts of all these spec ops personnell conjure up images of highly trained, well-developed, elite soldiers. These guys are the best of the best. If anybody is a bad-ass, these dudes are it. If you NEED (or even just *want*) to get into this kind of shape, then you've come to the right place...

Wiggy Snatch Navy SEAL Workout picMy name is Matt Wiggins - better known as "Wiggy" to most of my buddies and colleagues. I've been working out and designing workout programs for over 15 years. In that time, I've seen and tried pretty much everything - usually more than once. I'm no textbook geek and I can't quote scientific texts. My knowledge has come the "hard" way - by hard work and trial and error. If I put together a workout program, it works because it's something I've used before - not from something I read about thought would be "a good idea." I never ask anybody to do something I haven't - or won't - do myself.

I don't just know what works for me, however. I've designed workout programs for soldiers, police/law enforcement/firefighters, professional fighters, doctors, gym owners, football players, soccer moms, high school kids, and everybody in between. I've written three books (which have sold all over the world) and published over 50 articles all over the internet. In fact, while spending a year in Iraq (more on that in a little bit), a Regional United States Embassy asked me to hold a small seminar during a 2006 World Cup Celebration. I was asked to discuss basic fitness and muscle building to local Iraqi children (between 6-14 years of age)!

If you want to know more about my background, you can read more about me on my "About" page, but don't just listen to me. Take a look at some of the positive feedback my work has received:


"Matt Wiggins is one of the brightest up-and-coming stars in the fitness industry. His 'Working Class Fitness' philosophy embraces not elite prima donnas professionals who get paid to work hard; but rather each person who lives in the reality of juggling familial, vocational and personal scheduling and energy. His unique perspective is a sorely needed approach to the rigors of daily life and health."
Scott Sonnon, author and publisher
Circular Strength Magazine


”Just wanted to drop you a line to say I enjoyed your article from Pavel's newsletter. You're right on track and I also think the intuitive assessment of proper load and volume are way under-appreciated. Good work!”
Coach Charles Staley
Integrated Sport Solutions, Inc.


"Hey Matt, I tried one of your burpee conditioning workouts I found on was 315 pounds of muscle and I wanted to get a more leaner physique for wrestling, I am now 255 and I actually look like an athelete and not a bloated chubbo on creatine. After 3 reps, my initial reaction was "*cough* (wiped sweat from my eyes) " holy sh!t". I have never had such a great workout in my life and this is comming from a "bodybuilder" lol. The Ultimate burpee is now my whole strength training program..3-4 days a week and it is amazing, my endurance has shot through the roof and I need less
sleep at night. In a way it saved my relationship cause it also improved my sexual stamina and my fiance loves the results. I got great results without any supplements or anything else of that nature. Just standard A-Z vitamins. It scares me that this workout is so great. If I knew about it years ago I
would not have let so many physical set backs in my life. Thanks again,"

Jason Canmor


“Wiggy, your book Dominates!… Yes, I feel that's about right...Dominates. I like your "Blue Collar Periodization" thing, it reminds me of a lot of the best things I've seen, but simpler and more applicable to busy people, while preventing burnout and boredom . . . Thanks for taking the time to write back, it's great that an analytical (while somehow not anal) mind has come up with such a fantastic plan and book. I think that the regular program, with all sorts of implements, is great training for anyone in strength-athletics, as no aspect of strength or conditioning is missed.”
Storm Fox


"This will definitely revolutionize the way a lot of MMA'ers approach their strength training. Awesome work!"
Wayne "Scrapper" Fisher
10-year Navy Diver, SEAL Trainer


“I LIKE what you've done . . . DO NOT get me wrong, I think it's a totally kick-ass article . . .”
Andrew Lewis Strength and Conditioning Forum moderator "Ali"


“The progress is solid, satisfying and beyond question; the beauty of the program is its simplicity in respect to execution, its efficacy in producing results and the ease w/which it rolls out week by week . . . I've been around this stuff for awhile, and you impress me as someone who is making both an honest effort and a real substantive contribution to folks interested in training.”
William McCabe


"I have to say that I am extremely happy with the book. It is well worth the price - the info in it is pure gold . . . And your idea for 'adjustable' sandbag construction is great - simple, practical and useful."
James Boelter
(read James' online review of "Singles and Doubles - How the Ordinary Become Extraordinary" here)


"Finally, a man who is real about getting and staying in shape. I work some 50 hours a week, have a marriage, a 2 year old daughter, and used to train JKD and lift weights daily. you know, the old bodybuild by morning and martial arts in the early evening. Sooner or later it catches up with all of us: over training. According to the "experts" this shouldn't be a problem. Well, let me tell you, it is a problem. I hated giving up training but hated the idea of missing my daughter growing up or dumping all the parenting on my wife. I've already been interrupted three times since I started writing this e-mail. Not Matt Furey, Charles Staley, or any of the Weider Wonders had any answers. But for once some one has: Wiggy! You are the man! Thanks a million. I will be referring to and recommending your site and books. Sincerely,"
Ken Boma


You might be saying "That sounds fine and dandy, Wiggy, but you never mention your military experience. Did you ever even serve? If not, why in the hell should I listen to you?"

Well, you're right. I haven't served in the military. I did spend a year (Nov. 2005 - Nov. 2006) in southern Iraq working for a govt. contractor. Now, I'm not going to try and say that is the same as being a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, Marine, or any other member of the Armed Forces. But, having spent a year out there, I DO know what it's like to develop - and stick to - a workout program that will produce results. I've tried to do my conditioning (both long runs and sprints) in the 130+ degree heat while sand fills the air. I've had to figure out workouts that I could do outside of the gym, due to MWR gym closure because of outside threat levels. I've had to wear a flak jacket (w/steel plates) and kevlar helmet all day - in that 130+ degree heat. I've designed workout programs around limited equipment. Heck, I've even been in the middle of a workout, and had to drop everything and head for cover because of mulitiple round IDF attack. This doesn't make me a military vet, nor does it give me the experience of a Navy SEAL or an Army Ranger. But it does make me qualified to speak about workout programs designed to still be used in harsh TDY locations.

In late 2005, I wanted to develop a new type of workout program. I had been discussing training via email with a friend of mine - a fellow "Tar Heel" from North Carolina. We had been "talking shop" about various workout programs and how they all worked. Some were good for extra strength, some would help you lose fat, some could increase metabolic conditioning, some were designed for power output, etc. But they all pretty much had one thing in common:


Let me explain. You are here (so-to-speak). After performing this workout program, you'll be there (again, so-to-speak). There was just another measure of here. Here + 30 lbs. = There. Here - 2.1 seconds = There. Here - 3% bodyfat = There. That sort of thing.

Now, that's good - these "tests" are ways of measuring your progress. If you start out at Here, and instead of getting to Here + 30 lbs, you only get to Here + 10 lbs, then something isn't working right. But the problem with these "test" is that you can get wrapped up in the test itself, rather than why you want do better on the test.

A little more for you to chew on (I promise, this is all gonna be clear in a second) - say that you're a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, or just a "regular" member (non-spec ops) of the military. Let's also say that you're getting ready for a PT Test. In fact, let's say you're getting ready for BUD/s and need to take the BUD/s PFT (Physical Fitness Test). In order to pass, you have to:

-Swim 500 yards in 12:30 (though 8:00-9:00 is better)
*Rest 10 mins
-Max Push-Ups in 2 mins (42 is minimum, 90+ is better)
*Rest 2 mins
-Max Situps in 2 mins (52 is minimum, 90+ is better)
*Rest 2 mins
-Max Pullups - no time limit (8 is minimum, 15+ is better)
*Rest 10 mins
-1.5 mile run (11:30 is maximum, 9 mins or less is better)

Now, this is a fairly challenging test, but is quite doable. Let's say our solider in question decides to ready himself for the test, and seeks out a SEAL workout program. He looks around, and finds a workout program that is "par for the course" when it comes to most military-oriented workouts - a lot of running, a lot of Push-Ups, a lot of Situps, etc. He takes the test, passes with decent scores and figures he's good to go. Is he really?

Plenty of recruits pass this test every year. However, many of them (roughly 75% in 2006 according to the AFCEA), "wash out" of BUD/s school. Why? Is it because they're not in shape? Many times, simply, yes. Sure, most of the attrition ends up being a result of mental fatigue (i.e. - the students end up qutting because they don't feel like they can keep up with the intense training any longer). But look at it for a second - what ends up causing a majority of that mental fatigue? Physical fatigue. In other words, once the recruit gets tired physically, it isn't long before he starts getting tired mentally and/or psychologically.

So what happened with that workout program? Wasn't it supposed to help him become a Navy SEAL? Why did he "wash out?" The answer is pretty simple - the workout program was about passing the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) - not about being physically ready to be a Navy SEAL.

Let's look back at the PFT for a minute. Yes, it is challenging. However, most who are in "above average" physical condition (remember, Navy SEALs aren't supposed to be even be "above average" - they're of the best) could pass it. Maybe get a little help with swim strokes, and do some basic PT, and boom - you've passed. But does that mean you have what it takes to be a Navy SEAL?

And therein lies the problem with training for "TESTS."

You get so wrapped up in finding a workout program that will allow you to pass the test, you don't worry about WHY you wanted to pass the test in the first place. For the BUD/s PFT, you want to pass the test so that you can not only become a Navy SEAL, but you are physically capable (and, in turn, more mentally prepared) to deal with any combat situation that you're put into. You need a workout program that will help you become an elite soldier - not pass a test.

As a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, or, really, anybody in the military, what you need to be able to do is completely dominate your bodyweight. By "dominate your bodyweight," I'm not talking about just being able to crank out Push-Ups or Situps nonstop or run forever. You have to be quick, nimble, very strong and powerful (power is strength applied quickly - who cares if you're strong as a bull if you move like molasses?). You not only have to be able to move your own bodyweight, but external weight as well. Sure you can run, but can you ruck with gear? Are you strong enough to pick up a wounded fellow soldier and get him (and yourself) quickly to safety? Can you work for days on end without rest...and still be "sharp?" Can you go and go and go and go...and still be physically ready? That is what makes you ready to be a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, and such. Does a workout program of endless Push-Ups and running do that? Not likely.

That's where my workouts come in. What I've designed is a series of six, 8-week programs titled WORKING CLASS FITNESS - THE PROGRAMS. These programs are all-compassing workout programs. They take care of everything: exercises, sets, reps, days off, backoff periods - the whole nine yards. There is no guesswork - all you have to do is show up, bust your tail, and reap the rewards.

Though each workout program is a complete workout program, in that it will train your limit strength & power, strength & power endurance, metabolic conditioning, work capacity, cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory health, general physical preparedness (GPP), etc., each has a slightly different focus. That way, you can choose a program that address your own personal weaknesses. Need more strength? Got a workout program for that. Need more overal conditioning? Got a workout program for that. What about size? Do you need to simply just gain (or lose) some weight? Got that covered, too. And what if you need some "mental toughness?" Hey, if you can get through the Secondary Movements in Program #1, or the circuits in Program #5, or just plain complete Program #6, you'll not only be a physical stud, but you'll have the mental toughness to tackle Navy SEAL BUD/s or Army Ranger School head-on.

These workout programs were all designed to be "low-tech" and "high-effect." Based on solid workout methodologies and years of experience, these workouts all take the "simple" road. Don't make the mistake and confuse "simple" for "easy," though. The workout programs are all kick-ass and (provided that you put the effort in) will knock the crap out of you. However, they are all designed to be minimalist in nature. You don't need fancy machines or special equipment. Through all six, 8-week workout programs (48 weeks total - almost A YEAR'S worth of workouts), all you need is nine pieces of equipment. And I give you instructions on how to MAKE three of them yourself - for less than $50 and in just a couple hours! One of the workouts is comprised of various calisthenic complexes (these aren't your normal PT workouts!), and another is done entirely with sandbags. What I'm trying to get at is that I don't care if you're in the States and have access to the latest commercial gym equipment, or stationed TDY at who-knows-where - you'll be able to do these workout programs.

The "granddaddy" of all six workout programs is Program #6. I designed Program #6 so that when you can complete it, you will be able to dominate your bodyweight in every way imaginable. And I'm not talking about just calisthenics, either. Load up a barbell to your bodyweight. Can you do any kind of exercise with it? What about a sandbag? Sandbags are totally different than barbells - they shift, they move, there are no handles on them, they aren't evenly weighted on either side...a 100 lb. sandbag can be harder to lift than a 150 lb. barbell in some exercises! Can you take a sandbag that weighs as much as you do, pick it up, carry it, throw it overhead, etc? That's all part of dominating your bodyweight. If you can do all that - you're more than ready for any PT Test, and ready to be a Navy SEAL or Army Ranger.

Let me go back and re-iterate something real quick - these workout programs aren't just haphazardly tossed around and thrown together. This isn't stuff that I read and thought "that *should* work," so I slapped it on a piece of paper. I designed them using my years of experience of knowing what works and what doesn't. And since I was in Iraq when I designed them, I wanted to be sure that they could be done anywhere in the world, so I designed them to require little to no equipment. And then, when I got done designing them, I shopped them around. I sent copies of the workouts to people all over the world to get feedback - to make sure that what I came up with was the winner that I already knew it to be.

The first people I talked to were right on the base I was on. Private Security Contractors, former military spec ops personnell...even some British and Romanian soldiers. I wanted to make sure that those with the "inside knowledge" thought they were as good as I knew they were.

Well (not to be egotisical here, but), not to my surprise, the feedback I got was overwhelmingly positive. Take a look at some of the comments I've gotten (full names withheld from military/security personnell for opsec purposes):


"Matt has done an excellent job combining basic heavy duty style lifting with functional exercise variations and creative conditioning. These workouts will satisfy everyone from the powerlifting enthusiast, the olympic lifting enthusast, the mixed martial arts fighter to the Navy Seal. These are definitely some of the most creative, effective, and FUN programs I've seen. You won't have to worry about always doing the same old thing and you won't ever get bored. Most importantly you WILL develop size, strength, improve your athleticism, AND you'll also shed a ton of fat to boot."
Kelly Baggett


"The people want great programs and you're new e-book delivers! Tons of great strength endurance programs with a focus on compound movements that provide the most bang for the buck. Great work."
Mike Mahler
author of "The Aggressive Strength Solution For Size And Strength"


"Hey Wiggy U Rock Man!...I am a Wpns (Weapons) Squad Leader. I am the Platoon Sergeant's right hand man on decisions that have to do with the best and safest interest of the platoon. When he is not there I am the decision making guru. Being strong is not enough. I also have to have endurance to give chase (or run for my life), and be able to perform my job when I get to my destination. All my guys are in their early twenties and being over thirty I give them a run for their money...Thanks, Wiggy for the information!"
United States Army


"Well, I'm just starting week 5 but this is the best program so far I have tried. I've been doing martial arts for nearly two decades now, Judo, Taekwondo, and Hapkido, before MMA was in fashion (got a lot of grief for my cross training). I've been teaching martial arts and PE at UC Davis for the past decade, and your programs have given me a whole fresh approach on conditioning and training, GPP is just a great concept. Really appreciate the usefulness with respect to martial arts, I still remember many of my instructors telling me not to bother to lift weights.

I've got a friend who's an ex-football player and pro-boxer now, in phenomenal shape. Your complexes made even him complain, and his boxing coach watched us do a couple workouts and okayed it (he hadn't been letting him lift weights before). I've been able to gas him out in judo, which is saying something since he works out probably 2-4 times a day 6 days a week and is a pro-athlete, and I'm an amateur only doing your programs (plus my background)."
Adam Getchell, M.S.


"These workouts are great! I'm getting stronger already!"
British Army


"These complexes kick my ass. I'm one strong dude, and I do a lot of cardio, but these complexes are making me suck wind like crazy. And the sandbag work is awesome..."
Triple Canopy (Private Security Contractor)


"Wiggy, you have really outdone yourself on this one. I have all of your previous books and programs but this is your best work yet. I really like the variety in the programs and how you can work different qualities of fitness, but in a well planned out system. I also like the way you structure the workouts based on movement patterns and let the user select from the menu of exercises that best suit their individual needs and training goals..

I have seen workouts similar to the ones in your program but all too often they are just randomly thrown together as a collection of exercises to do on a specific day, but yours actually has a plan behind it. I think it will be just what people are looking for that want to develop aspects of strength and conditioning at the same time. No frills, no fluff, just hardcore training with minimal equipment to achieve a high level of all around fitness. What more could you ask for? Great job!"
Andy Hepler
NESTA Certified Weight Training Specialist
Renegade Training Certified Trainer


"I've got more energy than I've had in a LONG time..."
US Army, Retired


"I am a U.S. Marine deployed in Iraq and have tried a few of your workouts; I am impressed!"
US Marines


"Wow, that is a well thought out program!!!!"
Jim Smith
owner/administrator, Animal Ability strength-training forum


So what are the workout programs like? Well, here is a "Table of Contents" (so-to-speak):

Program #1 - Overall Body Strength, Power, Conditioning, & Athleticism

Program #2 - Lower Body Quickenss & Agility, Overall Strength & Power-Endurance, Explosiveness, Arm Size

Program #3 - Sandbags & Weight Dragging, Work Capacity, Overall Conditioning, "Get Outside and Into the Fresh Air"

Program #4 - Sprinting Speed, Limit Strength, Overall Muscular Size/Bodybuilding

Program #5 - Bodyweight Exercise, Muscular/Strength Endurance, Work Capacity, Overall Conditioning

Program #6 - "Man-handling Your Bodyweight" - Bodyweight Exercise, Barbells, & Sandbags, Strength/Power/Muscular Endurance, Overall Conditioning, Work Capacity

Ok, enough of the ad copy - let's get down to the "nuts and bolts," here. I'm sure you're wondering the same thing I'd be wondering right about now:

"What's it gonna cost me?"

Remember - you're getting six, 8-week programs here. That's 48 weeks - almost enough for an ENTIRE YEAR. Over 210 separate workouts. You also get:

-Program Notes for all six programs. Not sure what something means - there's your answer.

-Sample Exercise Listing (specifically for use with Program #5 and Program #6).

-Total Equipment Listing - everything you'll need to perform every single routine.

-Six articles to help you along your way. One to help you analyze yourself and where your weakeness are. Two to help further explain methods used in the routines. And three more to help you build some of the very equipment you need - and save you BIG BUCKS in the process...

Look Like a SEAL or Ranger - Even if You're NOT One...

So, you're just a "Regular Joe," and not spec ops, miliatry, or law enforcement? You just want to be in kick-ass shape and look like a stud? Want to be able to get through any obstacle you encounter - be a SEAL to "regular life?" No problem - these workout programs are perfect for you, too.

Look at it this way - if they're awesome for aspiring Navy SEALs and Army Rangers, they'll be awesome for you, too!

Your cost for almost a YEAR's worth of workouts and 15+ years of training knowledge? $39.00. I don't care who you are - that's a good deal.

Take a look at it for a minute - at $39, WORKING CLASS FITNESS - THE PROGRAMS is an absolute STEAL. Other coaches sell similar programs for as high as $199 for six weeks worth of training. A "personal trainer" at a local gym is gonna run you $40 - PER HOUR. Even if you can get a good book on training (which, unfortunately, is tough to do - most suck), and it has a six to eight-week program in it, the book might still set you back $35-40 - and 10 pages of that might be adds. And that's for only 1 WORKOUT PROGRAM - here you get SIX!

Look, at $39 you're paying under A BUCK PER WEEK. That's under 19¢ PER WORKOUT. Try and find some pimple-faced, goofball trainer at your local gym that will do that...

Think of it this way - if you could go out to lunch for $5.00 (which you can hardly do anymore), you could either go out to lunch everyday until the middle of next week, or you can get these kick ass workout programs that will last you for the next year...

See, the thing is, that while you are getting almost a YEAR'S worth of workouts, really, it's much more than that. Since each of the six workouts are different, and are geared toward focusing on separate goals, you can go back and repeat them! Did Program #3 make you strong as a bull and quick as a panther? Great - go do it again and get even stronger and faster. Were you not quite able to dominate Program #6 the first time through? No problem. Go back to a prior program that addresses your weaknesses for a while, and give Program #6 a second shot. Realistically, you could literally do these workouts for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.


Don't feel like waiting? Ready to go ahead and start kicking ass right now? Yeah, I would be, too. To get WORKING CLASS FITNESS - THE PROGRAMS which includes six, 8-week fitness routines (almost a YEAR'S worth of workouts), Program Notes, Sample Exercise Listing, Equipment Listing, and six accompanying articles, just click on the button below. You'll get WORKING CLASS FITNESS - THE PROGRAMS immediately sent to your email's In-Box.


If you're not quite ready to order yet, then that's Ok - go with the FREE SAMPLE above. Just be sure that whatever you do, you're putting yourself in a position to become the soldier that you NEED to be...not just for yourself, but for your country. And if you're just somebody who wants to get into awesome shape, then please reconsider this workout program - because it's the best you're gonna find. One little click can set you in the right direction for the rest of your life...

Train Hard, Rest Hard, Play Hard-

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