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"Sandbag Construction"
(an exerpt from "Singles & Doubles - How the Ordinary Become Extraordinary")

Traditionally, Sandbags have been considered “odd” objects or implements for lifting when the subject of strength and conditioning training is discussed. Like barrels, stones, kettlebells, and the like, they are great for strength training. However, they are seldom (compared to barbells and dumbbells) used because, although they’re effective, they’re fairly impractical.

Sandbags have had two main criticisms: 1. They are a fixed weight (once you build a 100 lb. bag, you have a 100 lb. bag and that’s it – you can’t alter the weight, at least not easily) and 2. Very high quality materials (which can’t always be found) must be used so that the bag won’t burst – causing a pretty big mess. These two drawbacks have kept people from utilizing Sandbags in their strength and conditioning training for quite some time, however, I’ve figured out how to solve those problems. By constructing a bag the Singles and Doubles way, you can have a bag that not only is less likely to cause mess, but is, more importantly, adjustable.

Constructing a Sandbag the Singles and Doubles way takes a little more time, and costs a tad bit more, but I think you’ll find it worth it. You’ll need the following materials to construct your bag: a heavy duty canvas duffel bag (old military issue from army surplus stores work well), sand, duct tape, zipper-type sandwich baggies, and zipper-type food storage baggies (you’ll need the same number of sandwich baggies as number of pound you plan on making your Sandbag). You can use any type or brand of baggies you want (as long as they are the “zipper” type) – just remember – the better, stronger baggies you get, the better, stronger your Sandbag will be.

1. In each sandwich baggie, using a measuring cup, put one and one third cups of sand. One and one third cups weighs one pound. *NOTE: Be sure that your sand is completely dry. Wet sand is heavier than dry sand, and will skew your bag weight. After putting the sand in the sandwich baggie, try and squeeze as much excess air out of the bag as possible before you zip it shut.

2. Wrap the baggie in one or two layers of duct tape.

3. Put three sandwich baggies in a food storage baggie. Again, squeeze as much excess air as possible out of the food storage baggie and zip it shut.

4. Proceed to put your baggies into your canvas duffel bag. Close your duffel bag (cinch it, zip it, whatever). Just be sure that however you seal the bag, that it’s not permanently sealed (e.g. – sewing it shut).

Now you have virtually the perfect Sandbags. By putting the sand in the sandwich and food storage baggies, you now have a Sandbag that consists of four layers (sandwich baggie, duct tape, food storage baggie, canvas duffel bag) instead of just one layer (canvas duffel bag). This makes the bag inherently stronger. For there to be a mess, a sandwich baggie, duct tape, and a food storage baggie would have to break – and then the mess is still in the Bag itself. Even if mess does get out of the Sandbag, it will only be the mess of the baggie’s contents – rather than that of the entire Sandbag. By filling the sandwich baggies in the one pound increments, you also not only eliminate the need for permanent sealing of the bag (e.g. – sewing), but you make your bag infinitely adjustable! If you’re getting stronger, simply unzip/un-cinch the Sandbag, and toss in a few more sandwich baggies.

Feeling tired one day? Unzip/un-cinch the Sandbag and take a few baggies out. Is your bag just not heavy enough anymore? Instead of having to construct a whole new Sandbag, go buy some more sand and baggies, and you’ve got more weight you can add to the bag you’ve already got. Because your extra sand is already in the baggies (sandwich and food storage), they can easily be stored in the corner of a closet or even a drawer or cabinet. Also, because your Sandbag is now as adjustable as any barbell, you never have to construct multiple Sandbags (as was the case in the past) to have Bags of different weights. Finally, by putting the sand in small, one-pound increment baggies, it doesn’t create large “blocks” (so-to-speak) in your Sandbag, so that your Sandbag still has the same “instability factor” that a regular Sandbag has. This method creates virtually the perfect Sandbag.

TIP – Depending on you wants or needs, before you fill your canvas duffel bag with baggies, you may want to consider sewing various sets of handles onto your bag. You may want a narrow-grip set, a wide-grip set, a parallel-grip set, etc. The handles don’t have to be pretty, just make sure you’ve sewn the hell out of them to keep them from tearing off.

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Thanks again, and take care,"
Joe Rogan
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Alwyn Cosgrove

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jules bruchez mma workout"I loved the two new books. There are a lot of theories and principles that I have applied to my own personal training that you use in your books. It is good to see that I am on the same page as you. For example, I am a believer in if you don't use it you lose it! When I read the last phase of your program, your power complexes follow the same principle. You still get a strength workout while building up your conditioning. Fantastic Job!! I look forward to talking with you more!"
Jules Bruchez, UFC veteran
The Ultimate Fighter 8 cast member

remedios pic - used wiggy's mma workout"I don't know Wiggy from Adam but I checked out his site and thought it was really interesting. I've incorporated some of his ideas and they've changed the way I view and train strength and conditioning."
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Kelly Baggett

staley pic - MMA workout”Just wanted to drop you a line to say I enjoyed your article from Pavel's newsletter. You're right on track and I also think the intuitive assessment of proper load and volume are way under-appreciated. Good work!”
Coach Charles Staley

mma workout w/mike mahler pic"The people want great programs and you're new e-book delivers! Tons of great strength endurance programs with a focus on compound movements that provide the most bang for the buck. Great work."
Mike Mahler

adam - fan of wiggy's mma workout"I just wanted to thank u for all your help with the programs my training went awesome for my fight. I was strong As A MOOSE!!!...i came out and was kicking his ass thanks to my new found super strength...everybody asks me how Ican be so strong at 185 and i refer them to you!"
Adam Rothfelder
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"I have been training in MMA for a year and lifting weights for over two years consistantly. I have trained in bodybuilding, crossfit, and powerlifting for different aspects of conditioning. But NOTHING is like your MMA workout plan...As far as my skills training goes this program has created a buzz by my team about if I am on the "juice" or not. I am able to run through my partners and keep going. The cardio work has allowed me to go a whole class without a break, and then go to my next class and keep the intensity going...I LOVE this workout plan and want to get some of my teammates going..."
Brian "Endgame" Meek

"Hey man, I had my first mma fight in New York last weekend and ended up giving up 30 pounds to my opponent because he was the main event fighter and his opponent backed out. They asked me to fight up in weight in the main event against this guy and I won via arm bar submission in the second round. I just wanted to thank you for the programs with the sandbag because I was stronger and better conditioned then this guy who has apparently won the gold cup tae kwon do championship 7 out of the last 8 years. If it wasn't for my strength and conditioning, I probably would have never gotten him to the ground and won. Just wanted to give you a shout out and say thanks."
Matt Macaluso
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"It's cool to see you layout the rep schemes for the power complexes. And I liked the section on healing shoulders, lots of guys out here have that problem...And also, good to see you include MFD, I am still a huge proponent of that, I think it's key."
Chad Hamzeh
professional MMAist/Muay Thai fighter

"...it's like you reached into my head and pulled out what I've been attempting to accomplish and I'm only on the first 20 pages...approaching conditioning from both ends is f#cking genius. I was doing it from the intensity point of view only..."
Dorian "Xen Nova" Dreher